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The exotic fruit that “wipes out” wrinkles

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A special variety of mangoes, according to a recent pilot study, can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on light skin.

They are delicious, juicy, exotic and with significant anti-wrinkle action. Mangoes are proving to be an ally in the fight against aging, according to a recent study published in Nutrients.

Scientists studied Mexican Ataulfo mangoes which – like other orange fruits and vegetables – are rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants which are thought to delay cell damage in the body.

A previous study had found that mango extract in mice prevented the formation of wrinkles by inhibiting epidermal thickening and increasing Collagen layers. However, new research first shows the effects of mango consumption on human skin.

The pilot study saw 28 fair-skinned women who had passed their menopause divided into two groups. One group was given half a cup of mangoes four times a week for four months, while the other had a cup and a half.

A camera system was used to map and categorize fine, deep, and emerging wrinkles.

“We calculated the effects of consuming 85 g (half a cup) and 250 g (one and a half cup) of mango four times a week for 16 weeks on the formation of wrinkles, the manifestation of redness of the skin, and changes in the carotenoids of the skin in postmenopausal women,” said Sr. author Professor Robert Hackman, at the University of California, Davis.

He further added:

Postmenopausal women who ate a half cup of Ataulfo mangoes four times a week saw a 23 per cent decrease in deep wrinkles after two months and a 20 per cent decrease after four months.

Lead author doctoral student Vivien Fam said:

That’s a significant improvement in wrinkles.

But the findings are very specific and come with a caveat. 

Women who ate a cup and a half of mangoes for the same periods of time saw an increase in wrinkles. This shows that while some mango may be good for skin health, too much of it may not be.

Why eating more mango increased the severity of wrinkles in all categories is not fully understood but may be linked to the increase in dietary sugar.

The findings were published in the journal Nutrients.

Mango only in moderation 

After 8 and 16 weeks of mango consumption, the group of 85 gr. achieved a significant reduction in deep wrinkles and erythema.

On the contrary, in the group of 250 gr. after the 16th week there was an increase in the appearance of mild to moderate wrinkles as well as mild and severe. 

“It is possible that a large amount of sugar from the many mangoes is responsible for the increase in wrinkles, although an exact explanation behind the negative relationship is not available. Therefore, further research is necessary “, commented Lead author Fam, according to which the nutrients of the exotic fruit contribute to the creation of collagen.

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