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The extremely heart-damaging foods you’re likely to eat

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Our diet has a direct impact on the health of our body, in particular on the proper functioning of the heart. Health Experts explained which of the foods we usually eat is better to avoid if we want to have good heart health.

The first foods that are best consumed in moderation or, if possible, completely excluded from the diet, are fast food. As explained by many nutritionists and gastroenterologist consulted by Revyuh, these products are often highly refined and fatty.

Junk food contains high levels of salt and sugar, and is usually cooked in oil, which is also not very healthy.

These foods, the experts added, also contain excessive amounts of trans fats, which are the main enemy of the cardiovascular system. They can start atherosclerosis processes or strengthen existing ones. They also negatively affect the walls of blood vessels, causing them to become more “ulcerated,” leading to strokes and heart attacks.

They further emphasized that excess trans fats from refined foods contribute to weight gain.

As the nutritionist clarified, another class of products highly harmful to the heart are industrialized foods. The specialist stressed that to choose the best options when making the purchase, it is best to “read the packaging very carefully” and avoid those with high levels of sugar, salt and fats.

To maintain good heart health, the health experts recommended eating foods that contain plant and animal proteins, as well as whole grains.

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