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The four most harmful everyday habits that weaken your immune system, according to Harvard

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Jiya Saini
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In times of pandemic, it is vitally important to keep the body’s defenses always ready to fight any infection. And that’s achieved through lifestyle

In pandemic times, it’s more necessary than ever to keep your immune system strong. Hence so many articles have proliferated about the steps you need to take and change your lifestyle to strengthen your defenses. But it’s not only enough to follow a series of instructions, but also to abandon old habits that are harmful to the body and persist in your daily life, even if you don’t realize it.

There are some factors that cause your immune system to not look as strong as before, such as being older, which always ends up taking its toll. Therefore, the best thing we can do is to delay as much as possible the aging process with a series of healthy habits to adapt to your daily life.

We have gathered a series of tips to keep your defenses strong and thus avoid possible infectious diseases throughout this time so viral that we have had to live.

Eating lots of processed foods

One of the habits that undoubtedly take a toll on your body. Consuming too many processed products means exposing ourselves to a lot of unhealthy chemicals, in addition to being loaded with saturated fats and added sugars, so not only will your immune system suffer, but you will also run the risk of suffering from obesity and gaining a few extra kilos. Sometimes, if consumed in excess, they can cause chronic inflammations in the body, which also has a very negative effect on the function of the defenses.

Not getting enough or good sleep

Lack of rest or poor quality of sleep is one of the factors that most determines the possibility of suffering an infectious disease in the future, since it can end up hampering the body’s ability to fight infectious agents. While we sleep we release cytokines, a type of molecule that is essential for immune function, which helps to fight against microorganisms. Therefore, a lack of rest can decrease the amount of this substance in the body, as well as that of other important immune cells.

Drinking and smoking

The love of consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes could not be missing from this list of unhealthy habits. According to experts at Harvard, drinking even a little can suppress the normal activity of immune system cells. In the case of tobacco, it is not only detrimental to the immune system, but it can also unbalance it and thereby increase the risk of autoimmune diseases.

Don’t relax

Another factor that most determines the good health of our immune system is stress. Especially if it manifests itself chronically. When we are going through a period of anxiety, the body releases cortisola hormone that can suppress the inflammation needed for lymphocytes to activate, that prevents the action of white blood cells, the body’s first line of containment against any virus or bacteria.

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