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These are the contraindications of consuming moringa, according to experts

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Jiya Saini
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Moringa is considered a ‘superfood’ due to its properties, although its consumption carries certain contraindications

Moringa oliefera is also known as the “horseradish tree” is a fashionable food, considered by many as a ‘superfood’, especially because of its great benefits for health. Benefits that arise from the great properties of this plant of exotic origin.

It’s also called the “drumstick tree” for the appearance of its long seed pods. It’s grown in subtropical or tropical areas all over the world, but it has only recently been seen as a fresh option at the occasional American farmer’s market.

Native to South Asia, it’s a familiar dietary staple for both people and livestock in Africa, Asia, and the Philippines.

It is a plant to which a high concentration of antioxidants, nutrients and essential amino acids is attributed. Thus, the properties of moringa are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, antifungal or emollient, among others.

Considered ‘the tree of life’

In this sense, one of the most common products of this plant is moringa powder. It is a very famous form of consumption among athletes and lovers of physical exercise. Moringa powder is mainly added in smoothies.

With all this, moringa is popularly considered as ‘the tree of life’, due to its great nutritional contribution.

While it thrives in the sun and heat, moringa is only sporadically produced in the United States, mostly at the tip of Florida and the southern part of California.

Contraindications of moringa consumption

As a general rule, the consumption of the moringa plant does not have negative health effects when consumed in reasonable doses. Although, an overdose of this plant is not advisable in any case.

But it is convenient to take into account a series of warnings or contraindications for the consumption of moringa, especially in people with different health conditions that it could affect too much:

1. The roots and bark of moringa can have abortifacient effects, at least if consumed in high doses. Therefore, it is not a recommended food for pregnant women. Better to avoid its consumption in these cases.

2. It is not a recommended food for those prone to insomnia. That is, since it has stimulating properties, it is not advisable to consume it at night hours such as dinner.

3. One of its outstanding properties is that it is hypoglycemic. It reduces blood glucose levels, being beneficial for people with diabetes. However, it is not entirely recommended for those with habitual hypoglycemia below 4. Be careful with eating this food on an empty stomach, as it can cause heartburn or irritation in people with sensitive stomachs.

5. In addition, due to its properties it can sometimes generate a subtle laxative effect, especially when we consume it for the first time.

6. Finally, there may also be an increase in red blood cells, in the case of a disorder called Polyketides. However, this contraindication is the least frequent due to the consumption of moringa.

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