These are the diseases that can be detected by smell

These are the diseases that can be detected by smell
Image Credit: Pixabay

The skin is a global filter through which the body removes unnecessary substances, so its condition can say a lot about human health. One way to detect signs of certain diseases may be a specific odor of the skin.

If there is a metabolism disorder at the level of cells, organs and systems, this filter will let us know that there is some type of malfunction inside the body, explains the dietitian and therapist consulted by Revyuh.

“For example, in a metabolic disorder associated with the accumulation of toxic ketones, i.e. those that acidify the body, the skin may have a specific sour smell, and the body will point out that its filtration of these sour products is interrupted,” the doctor clarified.

In particular, this smell can occur when a person, for some reason, consumes many foods high in protein or fat.

The appearance of an unusual odor on the skin may also indicate the development of diabetes, the doctor warned.

“We can perceive a specific bittersweet smell, which indicates that the decomposition processes associated with interrupted carbohydrate metabolism are underway,” he explained.

The doctor noted that the appearance of the skin is also important, since in a normal state, it has a uniform structure and without acne. If eruptions appear, judging by their location, it is possible to determine which organs and body systems require the most attention.

“If it is the lower part of the face, the chin, it is not necessary to check the gastrointestinal tract. If we talk about the jaw region of the face, it’s worth checking the sex hormones,” the expert said.

Also, if a person suffers from insulin resistance, specific changes can be seen on their elbows and knees: the skin becomes darker and rougher to the touch.