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These bad habits make you age faster

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Jiya Saini
Jiya Saini is a Journalist and Writer at Revyuh.com. She has been working with us since January 2018. After studying at Jamia Millia University, she is fascinated by smart lifestyle and smart living. She covers technology, games, sports and smart living, as well as good experience in press relations. She is also a freelance trainer for macOS and iOS, and In the past, she has worked with various online news magazines in India and Singapore. Email: jiya (at) revyuh (dot) com

Aging is inevitable, but maintaining a youthful appearance for longer is possible. And to achieve this, it is not necessary to resort to plastic surgeries, it is enough to put aside these seven bad habits.

It is scientifically proven that some activities that many people do on a daily basis can lead to premature aging. To maintain a younger appearance it is important to know what these habits are and avoid them.

Not drinking enough water

By not drinking enough water, the body will be dehydrated. The long-term effects of dehydration can be seen on facial skin. In addition to dryness, the lack of water can cause fine wrinkles and dark circles.

To maintain the body’s hydration levels, women need about 2.7 liters and men, about 3.7 liters of water a day, according to data from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of the United States. 

Approximately 20% of our daily fluid intake comes from food, while the remaining 80% must be consumed through beverages.

Drinking too much alcohol

The consumption of alcoholic beverages in excess has several negative effects on the body, one of them being premature aging. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes inflammation, which can cause facial redness, swelling, and broken capillaries, and end up making you appear older than you really are.

research carried out in 2019 showed that, among women, those who drank alcohol with frequencies were more “facial lines above, swelling under the eyes, oral commissures, volume loss in the half of the face and blood vessels” than those women who drank moderately or did not drink at all.


Cigarettes contain hundreds of toxins that can cause numerous health impacts on our bodies. One of the consequences of smoking is early aging, as smoking constricts blood vessels and decreases the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the skin.

study carried out with 79 pairs of twins revealed that those who smoked more had more bags under the eyes, wrinkles on the lips and double chin, compared to their brothers who smoked less or did not smoke at all.

Consuming too much sugar

There are two important substances in our body that help keep skin firm, smooth and looking young: collagen and elastin. Sugar, however, is one of the main enemies of this skin support system.

An investigation published in the journal Clinical Dermatology —Clinical Dermatology, revealed that the consumption of high levels of glucose and fructose, causes them to bind to the amino acids of collagen and elastin, damaging them and inhibiting the body’s natural repair process.

Sleep a little

Sleep is essential to maintain the good health of our body, since it is a process that helps the body to renew and repair itself. The constant lack of sleep can end up reflected in the skin of the face.

Research conducted in 2015 revealed that women who slept well had “significantly less intrinsic skin aging” than those who did not have enough daily hours of sleep.

Sunbathing too much

Sunbathing too much can make your skin dry, in addition to causing burns. Over time, constant exposure to UV light can damage the skin and lead to long-term changes, such as the appearance of wrinkles.

The photoaging, ie, premature aging of the skin due to exposure to the sun, can be avoided with consistent use of sunscreen.

Worrying too much

Constant and excessive worrying can, over time, age us at the cellular level. Chronic stress can shorten our telomeres, explains Harvard Medical School. 

It can decrease the size of some structures in our cells that contain genetic information. Telomere shortening leads cells to age and eventually die.

In addition to aging faster, people with shorter telomeres are more likely to suffer from serious diseases such as cancer.

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