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These foods and products can cause different types of cancer

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Many are known, but others go unnoticed and are frequently consumed without knowing that these are the main causes of the development of this disease, says the doctor.

Carcinogenic agents are found in various foods and products, but the most common is tobacco smoke that can even be ingested by people who do not smoke without realizing it and indirectly.

“It is responsible for 40% of all oncology, in all types of cancers. One in two people has cancer from having contact with tobacco. It can be the smoker, a passive smoker, or a person who is close to a smoker. (…) There are about 700 carcinogens in tobacco smoke,”

the expert warned during an interview with Revyuh.

Among the most dangerous foods for their content of carcinogens, the doctor named sausages and reheated vegetable oil.

“Foods that are smoked, fried or salted. Salt is officially recognized as a carcinogen that causes stomach cancer. (…) While sausages, bacon and cold cuts are officially on the list of carcinogens that cause cancer, not only in the stomach, but in other organs,” the expert explained.

According to the doctor, carcinogens can also be found in building materials such as lead and other varieties of varnish. While asbestos, known as asbestos, is responsible for the development of lung cancer in hundreds of thousands of people.

The doctor also included physical inactivity and infections as cancer developmental factors, so hepatitis B and C can cause liver cancer, human papillomavirus, or cervical cancer and gastric cancer.

According to him, alcohol can also cause breast cancer in both women and men.

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