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This is the blood group most exposed to DEMENTIA

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People who have this new genetic trait have an increased risk of developing dementia and other cognitive disorders.

AB is the most uncommon ABO blood type, accounting for around one in every 25 persons.

This study found that AB BLOOD types made up only 4% of the general population but 6% of persons with dementia.

According to one study, this group is overrepresented among those who have memory and thinking issues.

The researchers also looked at levels of factor VIII, a biomarker for cognitive deterioration.

Blood type is only one of several factors that can increase your risk of developing dementia, according to Mary Cushman, MD, MSc, of the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, who authored the study.

“Our study looks at blood type and risk of cognitive impairment, but several studies have shown that factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes increase the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia.

“Blood type is also related to other vascular conditions like stroke, so the findings highlight the connections between vascular issues and brain health.

“More research is needed to confirm these results.”

The study was part of a broader research cohort that examined 30,000 adults over the course of three years.

Cushman’s team discovered 495 people who had developed cognitive problems during this time period, as well as 587 people who did not.

The two groups were compared to determine if any other differences could be discovered.

The findings have yet to be replicated in bigger research.

Factor VIII is a blood protein that aids in clotting.

Failure to synthesize this protein results in haemophilia, a condition in which your body is unable to mend open wounds and instead bleeds incessantly.

High amounts of protein raise your chance of having a stroke because it can form clots in the brain’s tiny arteries and impede blood flow.

This study connected high levels of factor VIII to a 24% increased risk of developing memory and thinking impairments.

One possible explanation for this association is that blood type can influence your risk of getting various illnesses that enhance your chances of developing dementia.

People with O blood have been shown to have fewer strokes and a lower risk of heart disease.

Both of these characteristics lessen the likelihood of O type people acquiring memory loss and dementia.

According to one study of 400,000 participants, people with types A, B, and AB had an 8% increased risk of having a heart attack and a 47% increased risk of developing a pulmonary embolism.

Knowing which blood types are more susceptible to specific diseases may allow for more targeted interventions for those at higher risk.

Other variables remain crucial in avoiding heart disease and dementia.

One of the primary causes of these diseases is still thought to be lifestyle.

Keeping physically, cognitively, and socially active has been found in studies to protect against dementia.

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