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This is the only external symptom of High Cholesterol, according to expert

How to know you have High Cholesterol? An external symptom that indicates a high level of cholesterol in the blood.

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Health sites, social media, and the internet have taught us a lot about the telltale sign of heart trouble but High cholesterol has no symptoms. But here is a vague or ambiguous sign the expert says you should watch for.

According to the expert, there is only one obvious external symptom that indicates a high level of cholesterol in the blood. 

It is Xanthelasma, which causes the formation of greasy yellow spots under the skin of the eyelids.

“They are not microscopic points, but well-distinguished spots that look like dripping from makeup. In half of the cases, xanthelasma indicates a high level of cholesterol in the blood,” explains Dr. Georgui Sapego to Sputnik.

This symptom generally appears in elderly people. If a child has xanthelasma, he must urgently consult a doctor.

“The ‘bad’ cholesterol and the ‘good’ cholesterol stand out according to their chemical composition. The ‘bad’ cholesterol causes the development of atherosclerosis that damages the arteries in the brain, heart, intestine or feet. the body can suffer. And the ‘good’ cholesterol, on the contrary, prevents the development of atherosclerosis,” explains the specialist.

It is quite difficult to discover a high level of bad cholesterol in the blood without testing, says Dr Sapego. Normally, the problem becomes apparent if the arteries have been affected by atherosclerosis.

Then one may suffer from severe pain in the chest or feet, shortness of breath, sudden sagging, language disorder, and imbalance. 

“These are the symptoms of an alteration of the bloodstream in the arteries of the brain, the heart or the feet”, clarifies Georgui Sapego.

The high level of cholesterol in the blood is considered a cause of many diseases, explains the expert. For the elderly who have additional problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus, it is much more dangerous, alert.

Those who suffered from the coronavirus must comply with the recommendations of specialists on cholesterol, since COVID-19 unexpectedly aggravates many problems in the body, explains the doctor.

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