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This vitamin will support your body during seasonal transitions – says doctor

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Don’t miss out on foods containing this vitamin against depression, mood disorders and memory loss.

As the weather starts to cool, you may have noticed a slight shift physically. Perhaps you’re a tad congested. Maybe your digestion is off. Or maybe you keep finding yourself super tired at the end of the day.

Whether we realize it or not, our inner landscape is undergoing it’s own transition, right in alignment with the change in season. Our bodies instinctively adjust when the days get shorter and the temperature gets cooler.

Yet, sometimes that adjustment period can get stifled by a toxin build up. A few too many sweet summer cocktails, greasy BBQ fare, and lack of sleep can leave us with an abundance of bad stuff and a weakened immune system.

With the arrival of autumn, as the sun loses its influence, metabolism is exposed to temperature changes. In order to be able to fight cold weather more strongly, metabolism begins to slow down and weakens the immune system. Unhappiness and depression begin to appear in this period.

Adequate and quality sleep at night, balanced and adequate nutrition, regular exercise, effective struggle with stress, staying away from alcohol, smoking and substance abuse play an important role in this process.

Simple measures such as timely and appropriate vaccination against diseases, correct hand washing, cleaning and oral hygiene help strengthen our immune system and make it resistant to diseases. 

In this period, negative effects can be overcome with a balanced and adequate diet. Consume protein and calcium-rich foods to keep the immune system strong during seasonal changes. Don’t miss out on foods containing vitamin B12 against depression, mood disorders and memory loss.

“A proper balanced diet will help to overcome the negative effects of this period. To maintain the immune system, eat foods rich in protein and calcium. You should also not have a shortage of foods containing vitamin B12 on your table,” said the Turkish doctor from the Department of Internal Medicine, Dr Cuma Emiroglu.

The doctor advises eating foods rich in protein and calcium. These are milk, yogurt, kefir, cheese, eggs, meat, chicken, fish. You also need foods with vitamin C and antioxidants – broccoli, orange, lemon or red pepper. 

The “helpers” of the immune system are seafood, mushrooms, sesame seeds, whole grains, garlic, onions and eggs.

In addition, it is important to saturate the body with vitamin D, which is found in eggs, milk and salmon.

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