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Those who are trying to lose weight should stock up on dark chocolate, says British doctor

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Chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 75% offers a multitude of health benefits and is ideal for weight loss.

The expert advised folks to cut their workouts in half by splitting them into consumable, manageable parts.

“We all know we should be doing about 30 minutes a day, 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity. But we struggle to fit it into the day quite often, so the idea behind exercise snacking is you can break it down into really, really short sections,” said British dietitian Michael Mosley.

He added: “It can be as short as a minute or two, it can be a five minute walk.

The expert called for short bursts of activity.

“It can be something as simple as getting up and sitting down on your chair.”

It’s all about getting started, even if it’s in small steps.

Another weight loss tip you’re sure to like is stocking up on dark chocolate.

Unfortunately, your favorite milk or white chocolate goodies would not suffice, but dark chocolate, “made up of at least 75% cocoa,” offers numerous health benefits, he told the Daily Mail.

Dark chocolate, according to Healthline, contains potent antioxidants, is healthy, and may lower a person’s risk of heart disease.

So eat up – but watch out for the calories in dark chocolate.

Dr. Michael also advised a balanced diet, not excluding any foods.

The “problem” with some diets is that they are “kind of crazy”, he told Studio 10.

“You need to have a balanced diet. There must be enough nutrients. There must be enough protein in particular,” the weight loss guru said.

For those who want to lose weight fast, Dr Michael advised them to avoid crash diets such as the “cabbage soup diet”.

According to the expert: “One of the best diets on the planet is the Mediterranean diet.”

The Spanish government tested this by splitting 5,000 people into two groups: Mediterranean and low-fat.

They had to stop the study early because it was “blindingly obvious” that those on a Mediterranean diet were healthier than those sticking to low-fat.

Participants even had 50 percent less rates of diabetes.

Finally, Dr Michael warned people to stay away from processed foods.

“Never, ever eat something you can buy in a petrol station,” he told The Carousel.”

“This stuff has been sitting on the shelf for many, many, many, many months.”

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You were reading: Those who are trying to lose weight should stock up on dark chocolate, says British doctor

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