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These are the two ways to get rid of the garlic smell from your mouth

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Garlic is one of the most common ingredients in our dishes. It has many beneficial health properties and gives food taste, but leaves an unpleasant smell.

To get rid of the smell and taste in your mouth, it is not necessary to brush your teeth every time you eat it. A Chinese blogger gives two easy tips to neutralize bad breath.

Eat an apple after

“The smell of garlic is really unpleasant, some people feel nauseous when they smell it. I also have a strong aversion towards it, so afterwards I eat an apple: this way, it disappears very quickly because apples are rich in hydroxy acids”, reveals the blogger.

Thus, you not only manage to eliminate the unpleasant smell. You also replenish vitamins, which is beneficial in every way, it stands out.

Chew tea leaves

Garlic has a strong flavour, so you can eat something fresh to get rid of its smell. Water-soaked or raw and dried tea leaves work quite well for this. 

“I have this ‘hobby’: I like to chew dried tea leaves, I like the aroma. To remove the garlic flavor they are great,” says the Chinese blogger.

“These two ways are the simplest and easiest way and they will never disappoint anyone,” he concluded.

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