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US scientists successfully test a potential cure for coronavirus

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A special peptide has been shown to be effective in mice, especially in suppressing cytokine storms.

Scientists have developed a potential cure for coronavirus, which protects the body from a cytokine storm. This was reported by the Rush University Medical Center (USA).

It is noted that SARS-CoV-2 binds to the ace2 enzyme to penetrate human cells and infect them. The research team developed hexapeptide (peptide with six amino acids), which prevents the virus from binding to ACE2.

It was administered to the infected mice nasally and the results were positive. The peptide has been shown to be effective in lowering fever, protecting the lungs, improving heart function, and suppressing the cytokine storm – the overreaction of the immune system to an infection that floods the bloodstream with inflammatory proteins. 

Cytokine storm often occurs in COVID-19 patients and anti-inflammatory drugs are used to address this problem, which often causes suppression of the immune system. The peptide does not cause immunosuppression (suppression of the immune system). 

The researchers stressed that the spread of the coronavirus vaccines will take months, and in some countries, years. Moreover, they cannot completely prevent the spread of the infection. 

Therefore, a special medicine to reduce inflammation and treat respiratory and heart problems caused by COVID-19 will be urgently needed to better treat the disease, even in the post-vaccination era.

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