The weed that can boost your immune system

The weed that can boost your immune system
Image from Pixabay

Stress, fatigue, suppressed immunity became part of contemporary life. Sometimes it is not necessary to go to the pharmacy and buy expensive drugs but to balance the diet and perhaps add some plants with medicinal properties. 

One of these plants is nettle, which can stimulate immunity and cell regeneration, said Mikhail Ginzburg, director of the Institute of Research in Dietology and Diet Therapy in Samara, on the banks of the Volga River.

“Nettles contain a lot of bioactive substances, in particular flavonoids, vitamin B9 or folic acid and ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C. That’s why it’s useful for our metabolism,” he argued.

Vitamin B9 deficiency leads to anemia, cardiovascular disease and depression. The condition of the skin and nails, the structure of the hair also depends heavily on folic acid.

Nettles can be included in a wide variety of dishes: from soups to salads and drinks. Because it is stinging, it is harvested with gloves, then it must be boiled for a few moments and it is ready to cook.

“There are practically no contraindications for nettle, but perhaps more care needs to be taken with stomach diseases such as gastritis or ulcers,” the doctor said.