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Why we sneeze and when we should be concerned

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Many times we do not understand the causes of sneezing or a runny nose in summer. Immunologist and allergist consulted by the Revyuh team explained that this reaction of the body does not always indicate that we have contracted some type of infection or the presence of allergies, but there are other symptoms that should concern us.

“Sneezing in summer can be due to the fact that many people are allergic to pollen from any plant and that depends largely on the weather conditions, so a person may not experience discomfort in some days. When the summer is dry, it rises more dust and pollen in the air. Anyone can start sneezing,” said the specialist.

The expert further added that if you are convinced that you do not have allergies and sneezing occurs in response to dusty air, it is best not to try to suppress the urge to sneeze.

“Sneezing is normal and physiological. This defense mechanism aims to extract something mechanically. That is, coughing, sneezing and even a runny nose are completely normal things that you should not be afraid of. The body generates them by itself when something gets inside and not in the right place. You just have to be afraid when it comes to nasal congestion with profuse discharge for a long time. This indicates that you should go to the doctor,” said the specialist.

Currently, sneezing can generate unnecessary anxiety in others for fear of possible coronavirus infection, so it is best to cover with a disposable tissue or hand, and then we must immediately wash our hands with soap and water or disinfect with any suitable product.

The allergist does not recommend sneezing into your elbow because no one will wash this place and germs and viruses can stay there.

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