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Working outside of working hours can lead to a stroke – Scientists

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Kamal Saini
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If you do not observe clear boundaries between home and work, then the consequences can be serious and dire.

There must be a balance between work and personal life, in particular leisure. Australian scientists are convinced of this, who have found that working outside of working hours can lead to a stroke. Writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

A simple response to a few work letters, after the end of a work shift, negatively affects mental and physical health.

Performing professional duties outside of working hours contributes to the development of:

  • work stress;
  • imbalance between work and life;
  • health and sleep disorders.

“Being in a constant state of hyper-vigilance awaiting work notifications at home can affect metabolism and immunity, creating susceptibility to serious health problems such as infection, high blood pressure and depression,” experts say.

Moreover, in such cases, the risk of developing various infections increases, blood pressure rises and depression comes.

“We surveyed more than 2200 academic and professional employees across 40 universities from June to November 2020. We found high levels of stress along with a significant amount of out-of-hours communication. In particular, 21 per cent of respondents had supervisors who expected them to respond to work-related texts, calls and emails after work. 55 per cent sent digital communication about work in the evenings to colleagues. 30 per cent sent work-related digital communication to colleagues on the weekends, while expecting a same-day response,” added the scientists.

In fact, recent research by the World Health Organisation and International Labour Organisation suggests that long work hours may even increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Thus, people developed a psychological disorder and emotional exhaustion. In addition, they suffered from headaches and back pain.

We will remind, the experts of the World Health Organization warned the world about the mortal danger of regular processing and said that the dangerous threshold is 55 working hours per week. After that, the worker may develop health problems.

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