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A cat becomes the postman of two strangers

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A cat helps his owners pass quarantine by making them know each other by correspondence.

One day Zach King and his girlfriend, Olga Shipunova, from London saw their cat, Billy, come home with a note. The piece of paper was rolled up, wrapped in plastic, and attached to the feline’s collar with wire.

“Your cat likes to come visit us when he is outside. He will sit by the door and meow to be let in. (….) we love him! We have no idea where he is coming from. What’s his name? We call him Billy. From Your friendly neighbors,” the note read.

Surprisingly, the couple’s neighbors hit the nail on the head with the cat’s name! Olga told her neighbors in a reply note and asked them to scratch Billy’s chin well, which he loved.

Neighbors began to exchange correspondence and the cat became a real postman.

In their letters, the couple and their new friends exchanged culinary recipes, including a wasabi puree and a hummus and squid stew. In addition, television shows, series and movies were recommended. 

“Finding a penfriend who also binges on home cooking and Netflix = lucking out,” says the Briton on his Twitter.

Soon, thanks to the neighbors, Billy received his own little mail bag

“The truth is that now he is much better”, writes Zack under the photo of the cat.

However, then the feline lost his purse, and his master tweeted again, this time a funny picture of the feline.

“Billy lost his heart-shaped mailbag so we had to sit down and discuss his purrformance,” he commented on the situation.

Zack admits that the letters helped brighten up the quarantine time a bit, especially in winter. 

“The last months of the year have really not been good for me. I cannot say enough to thank my girlfriend, Olga, my family, my friends and little Billy,” the man writes.

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