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A Chilean Model is fined $ 27,000 for promoting a harmful diet

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The Chilean model and influencer Roxana Muñoz was fined 20 million Chilean pesos, equivalent to about $ 27,000, for deceiving her followers with a harmful diet that violated the Health Code of her country.

That is the amount that the Chilean model will have to pay after promoting a fasting diet that she called “water fasting” or fasting and consisted of drinking water for 21 days without including any other food. 

This diet has been promoted for months by Muñoz and criticized by many Internet users until finally the College of University Nutritionists of Chile AG decided to denounce it.

The Chilean health authorities confirmed that the Chilean influencer not only put public health at risk by promoting this type of information, but also tried to deceive her followers by inciting the hiring of services from a foreign center and proposing to join a private group where healthy information would be provided for a profitable camouflaged purpose of aid,” as reported by Bio Bio Radio.

Roxana Muñoz herself wrote on her Instagram that her diet was controlled by a guru and introduced him as a health coach, knowing that she is the owner of Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica.

The Chilean Health Code prohibits “any form of publication or propaganda related to hygiene, preventive or curative medicine and similar branches that tend to mislead the public or harm collective or individual health.”

The influencer has 173,000 followers on her Instagram account and her so-called fasting therapy was viralized, despite the fact that nutritionists warned that this diet of water without eating food could cause harmful effects on health.

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