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A doctor asks a patient with cognitive impairment to write a sentence and this is what he writes

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Only five words were enough to leave a neurologist from a center in Madrid astonished, who decided to share the message of an elderly patient on social media on a day as marked as Mother’s Day.

Often the Alzheimer’s patients are able to remember events from their childhood and youth, but unable to remember what they did recently. One case that could reflect memories of the past in older people and especially those who lived with the family is the one made public by a doctor specializing in Neurology on her social networks.

It is about Susana Sainz de la Maza, a neurologist at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital in Madrid, who decided to share the emotional moment she lived in the consultation with an elderly patient

She says that one day after consultation she met an 85-year-old man who attended her clinical appointment due to cognitive impairment. The doctor asked him to put a sentence on a sheet, the first one that came to mind. The patient took a pen and paper and began to write.

Just five words were enough to amaze the doctor: “Mom, I don’t forget you.” The neurologist decided to share it on her social networks on a day marked as Mother’s Day to remember the importance of the mother figure even in the most advanced ages.

The message went viral and currently has more than thousands of likes. 

Likewise, many users expressed similar situations with relatives or patients who also shared with their followers.

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