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Barely fit in hand: Poland set an unusual record thanks to hail

New hail size record in Poland

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The largest documented hail of known science was discovered in Poland – its diagonal length reached 13.5 cm.

This was reported on Facebook by the society Skywarn Polska (Polish storm hunters).

To understand how big the hailstone is in size, Ms Magdalena Cecotka who found it took a photo with a ruler to measure the length. 

As it turned out, it was the largest hailstone ever seen in Poland.

According to the woman, during the hail, she saw even larger hailstones. However, for safety reasons, she did not dare to pick them during bad weather, so she chose the one that was closer.

Skywarn Polska noted: the photo shows that the hailstone was 14.5 cm long diagonally. 

However, taking into account the possible error in the European Severe Weather Database (ESWD), its length was indicated as 13.5 cm.

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