Do cars really explode like in Hollywood movies? | Video

Do cars really explode like in Hollywood movies? | Video
Image from Pixabay

It is no surprise to anyone that the series and movies we watch on a daily basis are often far from reality. And while in the case of superheroes everything is pretty obvious, there are less obvious myths, but just as popular.

One of them is the myth that cars fly through the air when the gasoline next to them catches fire or the fact that gasoline can be set on fire with a cigarette. Fortunately, the guys from the automotive blog Garage 54 put this myth to the test.

The first experiment they carried out was to try to set fire to a pool of gasoline with a lit cigarette, something they failed to do. They even tried to do it with a cigarette, which also failed to meet its goal. As an extreme measure, they used a radial saw on a metal bar for a while, and after a while, their sparks did indeed set the gasoline on fire.

The next myth they tested was the speed at which flames spread over a river of gasoline. To test this theory, they set fire to a strip of gasoline and one of the bloggers ran to his side. It turned out that the man was able to run twice as fast as fire.

Lastly, they tried to make a car explode. To do this, they first poured gasoline into the fuel tank, spilling some of the fuel on the car. They left the tank lid open, and already in a classic way, burned a flammable strip connected to the car.

However, there was no explosion: the car just burned down in the middle of the testing ground. Thus, it could be said that the myth of cars that explode with the help of a cigarette or a little spilled gasoline is precisely this: a myth.