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Covid-19 sick Santa commercial causes controversy in UK

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Aakash Molpariya
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The coronavirus pandemic has totally changed the way we work, travel and even the way we celebrate Christmas. Not even Santa has been spared from being used in a message that seeks to highlight the tireless work of British medical staff in the midst of this health crisis.

However, despite the good intentions of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the commercial has been harshly criticized on social media, to the point where the body itself has been forced to speak out.

The short film, titled The Gift, shows a sick Santa what many assume would be COVID-19, because an oxygen mask is placed on it. Although the staff who serve him only see an elderly person fighting for his life, at the end of the clip it is revealed that he is nothing more and nothing less than Santa Claus, who, thanks to his citizens, is saved.

With this announcement, launched by NHS Charities Together, which coordinates the charities that collaborate with the national health system, sought to raise funds and in turn applaud the work done by all health personnel, according to Daily Mail.

Some of the network users disagreed with the way they used a beloved figure like Santa to highlight the work of the NHS.

“In this ad they imply that Santa Claus is admitted to hospital for COVID. I have no doubt: today’s children are going to grow up traumatized to become scared and obedient adults. The speech of fear again. #Psychology of terror,” one internet user said.

“Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! NHS advert to raise money for the organisation, using Santa Claus as a #Covid patient. How much more propaganda will be used against us in this heavily peddled ‘pandemic’ deception?”

another user comments.

“I am sick of the NHS. It is completely compromised and is a tool of the government used to scare, intimidate and control you. Our taxes fund the NHS. It is a service not a God to be worshipped”

one more user shares on Twitter.

Because of these comments, the organization released a statement defending the commercial and assured that it has had an “overwhelmingly positive” response since it was published.

“We created our Christmas campaign to highlight the continued commitment and hard work of the NHS staff and volunteers to keep us safe and well in what has been and continues to be a truly challenging time,” they explained.

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