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Daredevil skier like in James Bond films jumps off the top of a mountain beside Ben Nevis – before racing down the slopes at 40mph

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Stunning footage showed a daredevil skier jumping off the top of a mountain beside Ben Nevis – before racing down the slopes at 40mph.

Dad-of-one Iain Dick, 34, says he is ‘always looking for the next adventure’ and has been doing off-piste skiing in Scotland for five years.

His friend Andrew Shaw, 37, filmed the footage at 1,100m and said it reminded him of a James Bond film.

It took the pals around five hours to hike 4,000 feet up Carn Mòr Dearg – which is four times the height of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris.

But engineer Iain, from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, said he would rather ski down than walk.

Iain said:

I do it for the overall adventure – seeing the views, getting out to the wilderness, and the fitness aspect helps as well.

It took about four or five hours to get up to where we were, then about a minute to get halfway down.

The snow felt really smooth when I was going down, it was such a nice flow.

I could relax and let the skis do all the work.

I learned to ski when I was young, and the idea of off-piste skiing came to me about five years ago when I noticed all this untouched beautiful snow on these mountain slopes when climbing.

“There’s always different risks, and the biggest concern is avalanches.

We always prepare for this and take plenty of safety equipment with us.

I felt really safe going down this time though, mostly due to how smooth the snow was.

We’ve been skiing down them since about 2016.

We’ve gone down plenty of others such as Ben Lui, Ben Cleuch, and the Aonach Mor.

He is planning to ski down a part of the Cairngorms, which stands at 1,309 meters.

Iain added:

I’m always looking ahead to the next adventure.

The plan is to go to the Cairngorms and find a nice slope to ski down from there.

I always say why walk down a mountain when you can ski.

Chartered engineer Andrew said:

We try to get up a mountain every weekend when the weather’s good.

This is one we’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

We were about 1,100 metres up and skied about 400 metres down the mountain, which took us to about halfway.

It takes four hours to get up, and two hours to get back down.”

Daredevil skier like in James Bond films jumps off the top of a mountain beside Ben Nevis

The dad-of-two, from Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire, added:

We basically ski until the snow stops.

I got a really good video that morning, the lightning in the video is really nice and Iain skied it well.

It resembles something out of a James Bond film.”

The footage was filmed on Saturday (April 17).

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