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David Blaine is about to fly with balloons to New York (Video)

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Jiya Saini
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On August 31, the famous American illusionist David Blaine intends to carry out a trick with flying on a bunch of helium balloons over a distance of more than 200 kilometres.

The flying will be shown live on the showDavid Blaine: Ascension” which will be broadcast on his YouTube channel.

As planned, he would fly 209 kilometres over the state of New Jersey and eventually land in New York.

“This trick has been developed for 10 years. Let’s turn anxiety into a miracle and take magic to the next level,” the illusionist wrote on Twitter.

David Blaine is one of the most famous modern illusionists. In 1999, he spent a week in a plastic container under a water tank. In 2000, Blaine tried to stay in the ice for 72 hours, but the stunt ended unsuccessfully.

In the internal segment of the Internet, the illusionist became widely popular after the parodies authored by Mitch Silp and voiced by Andrei Bocharov. Phrases from these videos “Aha, these guys” and “Foot in my mouth!” eventually became memes.

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