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Every pig gets its nudist: Funniest LOL Moment on a Berlin beach | Photos, video

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The residents of the German capital witnessed a totally surreal scene when a completely naked man chased a wild boar that had stolen his laptop.

In the images of the amusing incident, which occurred on the shore of Lake Teufelssee, you can see how a female wild boar, accompanied by two young, runs with a yellow bag in her teeth. The unfortunate nudist, in turn, comes out behind in an attempt to catch the petty thief, while other bathers couldn’t stop their laughter.


The author of the photos explained that the wild animals – who came out of the forest – ate a pizza taken from the man’s backpack, but then “went to get dessert” and, finding a yellow bag, “decided to take it with them.” However, they did not know that there was only one laptop inside. The man eventually managed to retrieve the device and “laughed out loud” at the snapshots of the dramatic chase.

“When he returned with the yellow bag in hand, we applauded and congratulated him on his success,” said the author of the post, which has already been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook.

The next day, the woman returned to the beach at Teufelssee and encountered the wild boar and her piglets again, “totally peaceful in the middle of the crowd.”



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