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A goat invades a police car and chews official documents

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Kamal Saini
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A goat that apparently has no respect for authority got into a patrol car and chewed some documents that were inside. As if that were not enough, the daring animal threw a member of the Police to the ground.

A video of the unusual incident, which took place in the state of Georgia, in the US, was recorded on the body camera getting viral on social media.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, an officer was handing out documents at a residence when she noticed the goat had gotten into her patrol car.

“The agent explained that due to the number of houses she visits daily, she usually leaves the door of her vehicle open because she has had to flee from ferocious dogs on several occasions,” the entity explained through its Facebook account.

The video shows the officer trying to get the animal out of her vehicle, while the goat chews some papers that were on the seat.


After a few frustrating attempts, the agent finally manages to get the creature out of the vehicle. But after the woman retrieves her documents, the animal hits her with its head and knocks her to the ground.

The police, judging by the images, took the situation with good humor. According to the sheriff’s department, the officer was not injured in the incident despite the fall.

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