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A guy earned $ 100K for having sex with elderly ladies in quarantine

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The young man had quarantined sex with mature women who paid him five thousand dollars for one meeting. For a couple of months, the guy earned a decent amount.

Twitter user Jamie Primack shared a story that happened in the family of her friend, whose son, during the quarantine imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, managed to earn $ 100,000. He received a substantial sum for sexual relations with older ladies.

“My friend’s 20-year-old son has been living with his parents since March due to the coronavirus. It’s time for him to go to school. While cleaning his room, his mother discovered $ 100,000 in cash,” Jamie Primack wrote on the social network.

According to her, the boy’s parents thought that he had such a sum, he could be selling drugs or simply should have stolen money.

The parents asked their son to tell the truth about the origin of the cash.

The guy admitted that he earned money for having sex with older ladies. So, according to him, in April in a store, he got into a conversation with an elderly woman and said that his test for coronavirus was negative.

The woman stated that she and her friends needed such a young man to provide certain services.

It turned out that the guy needed sex. For one act, women paid five thousand dollars. Thus, the young man earned one hundred thousand.

The parents asked their son to return the money to the women.

Primak’s story quickly went viral. The publication received almost 43.5 thousand likes. It was shared by more than 14 thousand Twitter users.

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