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In Alaska, a bear sitting inside the outhouse toilet bites a woman’s butt

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A woman jumps out of an outhouse toilet in pain after a bear bit her butt in Alaska

Shannon Stevens was attacked by a bear when she had gone to use a toilet in an outhouse in the interiors of Alaska. Shannon along with her brother with his girlfriend was staying at her brother’s yurt which is about 20 miles northwest of Haines, when she sat down in the toilet in the outhouse, at a distance of about 150 feet from the yurt, a bear bit her from behind.

The woman said that as she sat down to use the toilet, something caught her butt and she jumped up yelling.

Describing the incident she said:

“I got out there and sat down on the toilet and immediately something bit my butt right as I sat down. I jumped up and I screamed when it happened.”

Hearing her scream, Steven’s brother Eric rushed to the outhouse. On seeing her wounded, he went on to check what creature had hurt her. At first, they were expecting to see a small creature like a squirrel or mink maybe. But the reality shook them.

Using a headlamp, he opened the toilet seat to find a bear inside! 

“I opened the toilet seat and there’s just a bear face just right there at the level of the toilet seat, just looking right back up through the hole, right at me,” said Eric.

He hurriedly shut the lid and said they must leave from the spot right away.

“I just shut the lid as fast as I could. I said, ‘There’s a bear down there, we got to get out of here now.”

Shannon was bleeding but it was not “superbad,” she said. In their quest to find where the bear routed from, the siblings found bear tracks encircling the property, but they could hardly find any signs of the bear.

They figured that the bear might have entered the outhouse via a hole in the backdoor. Shannon said: “It’s  probably not that bad of a little den in the winter.”

Carl Koch, the biologist at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Management, however, thinks that the bear swiped her with its paw and did not bite.

“As far as getting swatted on the butt when you’re sitting down in winter, she could be the only person on Earth that this has ever happened to, for all I know,” Carl said.

Carl also assumes that it could possibly be a black bear because a neighbor who stays nearby the yurt had sent him a picture of a black bear that she saw on her property, two days after Shannon Stevens was attacked.

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