Instagram disables most iPhone related hashtags

Instagram disables most iPhone related hashtags

On Instagram, through the magnifying glass tab, we access a section in which through hashtags, words, user names or places we can find the content we were looking for. Some of the most popular themes include the word iPhone. However, most of those who mention the Apple terminal has disappeared from the social network.

Right now, doing a quick search with the word iPhone in the hashtags section of the application for iOS devices, we see that there are only five available: #caseiphone, #shotoniphone, # caseiphone7, # shotoniphone7plus and # shotoniphone7. The reason behind this purge is unknown.

A way to combat leaks on future iPhone

It has been the RespawnFirst website that has reported on the disappearance of hashtags related to the Cupertino mobile smartphone. Although it is not known why this decision has been made, they point out that it could be a way to prevent rumors and leaks about future iPhone from spreading over the Internet. Instagram shares a lot of content about smartphone models.

In fact, if we look for “iPhone12” nothing appears. But the funny thing is that if we also look for “iPhone11” we find the same fate, and that Apple introduced the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in early September, and that hundreds of thousands of people already have them in their hands, so it makes no sense to hide.

It could also be a tactic to reduce spam and fraudulent raffles. Instagram is one of the social networks in which Apple products are most raffled, but unfortunately, almost all of them are fake and the sole purpose of the author is to gain followers to swell the counter of their user profile.