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Instagram introduces new policies for diets and beauty products promotion

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Instagram has announced a firm crackdown on a certain type of promotions carried out by Influencers active on the social network: the axe will fall on the promotion of products that stimulate weight loss or cosmetic surgery.

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Instagram: less diets, detox and plastic

Too delicate certain topics and too young is the social community to facilitate the meeting between characters and users without any filter. The new policies therefore impose strict stakes: although the ban was already active beforehand, the increase in influencers in this field would have suggested a fundamental crackdown to safeguard the health of minors exposed to messages that are certainly not based on well-being but on profit.

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When a post promotes miraculous diets, amazing treatments or sensational products for beauty, and the post ends with discount codes, promises of weight loss or purchase methods, the message will be cut off by the algorithms of the group and in some cases you could arrive at post removal. Any influence on the issue by the influencer could in the future also lead to the ban if the matrix with which Facebook and Instagram have already put Casapound to shame and other movements that are stained with hate speech messages should be repeated.

Although the initiative starts from Instagram, where the problem seems to fall most dangerously on the youngest, the policy change also applies to Facebook.

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Too many times the social networks have been the cause of a lack of confidence in one’s appearance, in the deviated examination of one’s physical condition and in depressive states even of serious entity. Socials are perhaps not the cause of this, but they are certainly part of a dynamic that in some cases can be extremely dangerous. Fuck the virality of false messages of thinness and fake well-being means making the social network more responsible and the ecosystem in which the accounts meet meet more positive. Because behind every account there is a person of flesh and blood, and this meat and these bones must be given due attention.

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A step forward for the well-being of millions of people, a step backwards for the gains of a handful of influencers. Which is necessarily good and right.

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