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Japanese man earned almost $300 thousand by offering “do nothing” services

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Kamal Saini
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About three thousand people have already turned to the man who is ready to eat, drink and give simple advice to the client. For his “work”, he charges about $ 100.

Shoji Morimoto from Tokyo has made more than $288 thousand in several years offering professional “do nothing” services and even wrote a book about it.

It is noted that the 37-year-old man has a degree in physics and decided to quit his job at the publishing house in 2018. 

“I offer myself for rent, as a person who does nothing. Is it difficult for you to enter a shop on your own? Are you missing a player on your team? Do you need someone to keep a place for you? I can’t do anything except easy things,” posted by Morimoto on Twitter.

At first, he offered his services for free, but there were so many customers that he had to set a price for his services in order to limit the number of orders. 

According to the Japanese, for 10,000 yen (about $ 96) plus travel and meals, he is ready to “eat, drink and give simple answers.” 

For several years, about three thousand people turned to him. So, he accompanied clients at dinners and divorce proceedings, took photos for Instagram and caught butterflies in the park. 

One man hired him to tell about the murder he had committed, and another asked him to drive him to the scene of the suicide attempt. 

As a result, over a few years Morimoto earned more than $288K and have also published a book about his career path. He has also gained popularity on social media, with 270,000 people on the man’s Twitter account.

Shoji emphasized that most people hire him out of loneliness and boredom. 

“I couldn’t bring myself to go to the hospital, but I got through it because he accompanied me,”

“I’m glad I was able to walk with someone while maintaining a comfortable distance when we didn’t have to speak, but we would, if they wanted,” wrote some clients of the man in the reviews. 

He himself considers himself not a friend or acquaintance, but a person who can help cope with feelings of loneliness. 

Earlier it was reported that in Japan a robotic arm was invented for single people.

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