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Kanye West locks himself in a bunker to protect himself from his wife and mother-in-law

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Kanye West’s actions go from bad to worse. If the nightly tweets he launched against his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, shocked all his followers, what he has done now is from a science fiction movie. The rapper has locked himself in a bunker to protect himself from both women since, according to him, they want to lock him in a psychiatric hospital against his will.

Although it is not confirmed by anyone in the family, it seems that Kanye West is facing an outbreak of the bipolarity that he suffers and that is why his behavior is being more than strange. After holding his first political rally and ending up crying because he almost had Kim Kardashian abort his first daughter, the musician has continued with his strange actions.

At night he published a few tweets in which he left his wife at the height of bitumen, assuring that he would never let his children pose for Playboy. He also charged against his mother-in-law, who he claims is the person who wants to lock him up. Although he later deleted the messages from his account, it seems that his actions continue to escape logic.

The last thing we know about Kanye West is that he has locked himself in an underground bunker he has built on his Wyoming ranch. His intention is to protect himself from Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. This panic room was built so that the family had refuge in the event of a catastrophe and is provided with food, as a source close to The Sun assures.

“Kanye surrounded himself with a small group of people whom he trusts, and he does not trust Kim or his family,” they affirm to the publication and add: “He is very paranoid and is convinced that he needs ‘protection’ from Kim and Kris, even though they are just trying to help him.”

As you can imagine, Kanye West’s behavior is taking its toll on his marriage to Kim Kardashian and there are those who fear that they will not overcome this crisis and end in divorce. Although the social media star and his family are very understanding of the real West lives, it is a difficult situation to handle.

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