How long does it take Jeff Bezos to earn your annual salary?

How long does it take Jeff Bezos to earn your annual salary?
© AP Photo / Ted S. Warren

A new calculator developed by SimpleTexting allows you to calculate how long it would take Jeff Bezos and 14 other tech moguls to earn an average salary.

The SimpleTexting calculated annual income from the US Securities and Exchange Commission records by collecting the sum of each CEO’s base salary, annual cash bonuses, annual stock or capital gains awards, and other forms of compensation for the 2019 period.

According to its analysis, in that year 15 of the wealthiest CEOs of technology companies in the US had a combined annual income of more than $83 billion.

To get a true frame of reference for how much these billionaires actually earn, the SimpleTexting team has built a calculator where users can enter their wages and expenses to see how quickly moguls like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Susan Wojcicki earn or they spend the same.

In addition, they provided information on how much these CEOs earn per year, per day, per hour, and per minute. 

To see the comparison, you need to choose a CEO and an expense type from the drop-down menu, which can be a year’s salary, student debt, or mortgage. Then you have to enter your amount so that you can see the figures of the tycoon. 

Millionaires include Elon Musk of Tesla; Jeff Bezos, from Amazon; Tim Cook of Apple; Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook; Susan Wojcicki from YouTube and Reed Hastings from Netflix.