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Make-up artist shows how she transforms herself into popular celebrities – even fooling her friends and PHONE – Photos

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Jiya Saini
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A make-up artist has become an internet sensation after transforming herself into popular celebrities – even fooling her friends and PHONE.

Liss Lacao(on Instagram – @liss_makeup_), 29, has recreated the recognizable features of celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey, Dolly Parton, the Queen, and Boris Johnson.

She’s so good she has fooled her iPhone – which has facial recognition – and friends into thinking she is the A-listers.

She spends four to eight hours carefully transforming herself into each of the celebrities.

Liss has racked up 25k followers on Instagram over lockdown and loves constantly improving her make-up skills.

Liss, from Bromley, Kent, said: “I know I’ve done a good job when my phone doesn’t recognize my face and let me in.

“I even fooled my boyfriend into thinking I was Joe Exotic from Tiger King.

“Now all my friends know to expect it, but it’s still funny to FaceTime them looking like a celebrity.

“I love doing the transformation.

“It takes me hours, but the time just flies as I’m having so much fun.”

Liss became a makeup artist six years ago and started challenging herself to transform into A-listers last year.

She was surprised at how much her social media took off after she started doing the videos – and she has now amassed 25.5k followers.

“I just started doing it for fun so I was blown away by the reaction,” she said.

Liss creates her transformations with highlight, contouring, eyeshadow and shading and spends four to eight hours on each look.

“One of my favourites to do was David Bowie,” she said.

“I’m a massive Bowie fan so that was cool.”

Liss now gets requests from her followers to do certain celebrities and recently created chef Gordon Ramsey.

She looks at a few photos of the celebrity before painting her face into that person.

“I’ve loved doing this and I’ll keep going after lockdown,” Liss said.

“It’s kept me motivated and I love trying to improve my skills.

“The goal is to always have my phone not recognise me and lock me out.”

Liss has been inspired to move her career into the film industry.

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