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Missing for three days the cat returned with debt

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The owner of the cat was worried about the disappearance of his pet, and when he appeared, he had a brand new collar and a note around his neck, which says that the cat is now in debt.

In Thailand, a domestic cat disappeared for three days, and then returned home with a note around his neck. The message said that the animal is now in debt.

The owner of the cat was very worried because his pet was missing. Three days later the cat returned. A collar appeared on his neck with a note with the text: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.”

The author of the note signed as Aunty May and left her phone number.

The owner of the animal took a couple of pictures and posted them on Facebook with the caption: “Lost for 3 days. Back with debts.”

The post mocked social media users. Commentators immediately offered to pay the cost of mackerel for the cat. Someone suggested that Aunty May did not write her phone to get money from the owner, but to inform him that his pet is all right.

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