The “Missing Sounds of New York”, an album on Spotify reminds us to an era that already seems lost


In some parts of the planet, we are beginning a phase of de-escalation, and we are beginning to go down to the streets. The world we find is quite different from the one we knew a few weeks ago, and that can be seen in the sounds that surround us.

In cities as busy as New York, the soundtrack of its streets has completely changed. For this reason, the New York Public Library has released a “record” on Spotify, titled ‘Missing Sounds of New York’.

Travel through sound

It is a short “album”, since it lasts 16 minutes (over eight tracks), but it is enough to make us travel to one of the most iconic cities on our planet.

It is ideal for listening with headphones, and thus immerse yourself fully in the different sounds that made up this city (perhaps it is an interesting experience to listen to it while we are walking through our town).

If we want more, Spotify has a playlist titled ‘Ambient City Sounds‘, with more than three hours duration and recordings of the ambient sound of cities as different as Paris, Bologna or Jerusalem.

At the beginning of last month, we talked about a series of videos that we can find on YouTube, which invite us to “walk” through different cities around the world. On this platform, we can also find a lot of content about the ambient sound of cities.

For example, on these lines, we can enjoy a video of more than ten hours long, in which we can listen to different recordings (people talking, the sound of traffic, police sirens or their characteristic subway) of ambient sound in New York.