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Netizens Strom After Hawaii Tourist Alleges She Was Forced by ‘Angry Mom’ to Leave Beach Due to Bikini

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In a TikTok video posted by user Savannah Sims, she was relaxing on a Big Island of Hawaii beach when a woman approached her and forced her to leave the beach as she was wearing bikini swimwear.

Netizens stormed over the alleged incident, with a tourist in Hawaii seemingly told to leave the beach for wearing a bikini after a TikTok video about it went viral and received 1 million views as of Monday.

“Ik tourists can be a lot when you live in a #hawaii , but keep in mind that the world isn’t yours, it’s to be shared”, Savannah Sims, the woman who claims to have been pressured by an angry mother to leave the beach, wrote in the video caption.

In the clip, she can be seen wearing a green two-piece swimsuit detailing on what she says as the “worst experience” on Hawaii’s Big Island.

“The mom starts saying ‘No I can’t have that. That’s not okay with me'”, Sims claims in her video, moving on to say that the woman, who was accompanied by her children and boyfriend, told her that her bikini was inappropriate and “in the way” of her children. “I look up and she’s looking at me. So I asked if there’s an issue and she says she doesn’t want to be seeing my butt and lady parts.”

According to her, she was forced to leave and the woman, who was allegedly wearing a “straight thong bikini” herself, then said “Mahalo” [“Thank you”].

​The story saw some social media users outraged about the woman’s behavior, and users flocked to Twitter threads to defend Sims.

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