New York Neighbour reveals the mystery hidden behind the mirror – the best-kept secrets of her house

New York Neighbour reveals the mystry hidden behind the mirror
Image Credit: Pexels

The curious story of this New York neighbor went viral after the young woman shared a series of videos in which she revealed one of the best-kept secrets of her house. Netizens compared the images to the cult horror movie ‘Candyman’.

In the first video, the young woman explained that she was always cold and felt drafts in the bathroom of her New York apartment. At first, she thought the cold was due to a small hole in the wall, so she covered it with duct tape. However, this did not help her to stop the flow.

In the end, she realized that the air was coming out from behind the mirror. She decided to pick it up and saw a creepy dark room on the other side of the wall. Then the brave young woman equipped herself with a mask and a hammer and entered through the mysterious window.

But what did she see? It turned out to be an abandoned apartment in which the New Yorker found several plastic bags full of things and garbage.

The images quickly went viral on Twitter and reminded internet bees of the classic horror movie Candyman (1992), in which an evil spirit killed its victims through the mirror.