Where is the number of likes on Facebook?

Where is the number of likes on Facebook?

Similar to what happened with InstagramFacebook has also started a test phase related to the disappearance of the number of likes received from a post. The hypothesis was formulated at the beginning of the month and now the confirmation comes. The goal is to improve the quality of the experience and content shared by the users, avoiding that only images, videos or texts capable of catching the greatest volume of reactions or thumbs up on the notice board end up on their message boards.

Does Facebook say goodbye to the number of likes?

The first area affected by the trial is Australia, with the social network that will collect feedback on the welcome reserved by its subscribers to the news, deciding eventually to expand the rollout to other countries or to set aside the idea. The change also makes the count of video views private. These are the words attributed to a spokesperson of the social network and entrusted to the editing of the TechCrunch site, from which we take the screenshot attached below.

We are running a limited test in which likes, reactions and counting of video views are made private on Facebook. We will collect feedback to see if this change will improve the user experience.

It should be pointed out that Facebook will in any case continue to show the volume of likes and reactions to the person concerned, in a private form, but hiding it from the eyes of others. The number of comments seems instead destined to remain visible for everyone.

As it is not difficult to imagine, not everyone has welcomed the news. Some influencers have complained that they have seen interactions with their posts on Instagram in a sensitive way following the introduction of the change and in all probability the dynamic will also be replicated on FB.