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Pornhub begins interrupting videos for the pleasure of women

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A well-known adult site on International Female Orgasm Day has begun interrupting its popular videos to take care of women’s pleasure.

The adult video portal Pornhub began to interrupt the most popular videos among heterosexual men by 40%. This “demarche” site was timed to coincide with International Women’s Orgasm Day, according to the online platform.

It is noted that according to statistics, 40% of heterosexual women do not reach orgasm in penetrative sex with a partner. Therefore, the porn site decided to pay attention to the problem of the “difference in orgasms”.

Also on Pornhub, women can thank their partners who bring them to orgasm. So, for such men, there are virtual certificates “orgasm giver”, which can be “shared directly on social networks.”

“To make men care more about female pleasure, Pornhub is offering women everywhere the ability to grant a unique type of certification to their partners that help them reach the Big O,” the website explains.

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