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The world-famous American Powerball lottery will give away $ 169 million this Wednesday

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The world-famous American Powerball lottery is once again drawing a nine-figure jackpot.

Now that for the first time after a long time, the jackpot of America’s favourite lottery Powerball has reached $ 169 million, interest in participating in the legendary game is growing.

“When the jackpots reach such amounts, everyone begins to imagine how their life will change if they win,” said Gordon Medenica, spokesman for the National Lottery.

Powerball draws run on Wednesdays and Saturdays, jackpots often top the charts of the world’s biggest lotteries, and minor prizes can be a fortune.

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A Panama woman won $ 30 million in Florida Lotto
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Raffles Huge Prize Again A string of draws with no winners have allowed the jackpot to accumulate to nine figures. This Wednesday, August 12, the lottery will give away $ 169 million.

Americans love to buy lottery tickets. Americans spent over $ 80 billion on lottery tickets in the past year, according to the North American State Lottery Association. That’s more than Americans spend on cinemas, video games, books, music, and sports tickets combined.

Now, if the jackpot of America’s favourite lottery Powerball has reached $ 169 million for the next hour, there is growing interest to participate in the legendary group.

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