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Snapchat: How “the queen of stories” putting herself at the service of Facebook, her main rival

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Aakash Molpariya
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If you have been moderately active by the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …) during the last weeks, you will have seen how the new Snapchat filters have conquered the network. There is a large number of users using them, although the most curious thing is that these filters are released outside Snapchat, and not within the application.

If you look at the number of daily users, Snapchat has it difficult to stand up to their competitors, despite the popularity that their filters achieve (ironically used by people outside the Snapchat application itself).

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How has Snapchat gone to the service of its own competitors? We review some of the key moments of the trajectory to the application, and we tell you how it has ended up being a tool to take photos that we will end up publishing in their rival social networks.

Evolution and current status of Snapchat

Snapchat was born in 2011 , becoming one of the first applications in which we could upload photographs that self-destruct. Its success was resounding, and it did not take more than a year to reach 10 million active users.

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In 2013 , Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for 3,000 million dollars. The purchase attempt was motivated by the type of user that collected the application, the youngest. In the United States, one of its main strongholds, 78% of Snapchat users are less than 24 years old according to Statista, something that is far from the 31% with which Instagram account , owned by Facebook and its main asset for winning public young. Snapchat did not want to be bought.

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2016 would be a key year for the application , although not for the better. It was the year in which Google tried to buy the social network, for a whopping 30,000 million dollars. The company’s response was, again, negative. Snapchat made clear its independence , although its growth has been getting smaller.

The before and after of Snapchat comes hand in hand with Instagram and Facebook stories. Implementing this service in their applications, Facebook manages five times daily users on Snapchat.

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The main factor that influenced the low growth of Snapchat was the presentation in the summer of 2016 of Instagram Stories. Facebook had no qualms about copying the Snapchat stories and taking them to Instagram (and later, to the rest of their applications), achieving a massive migration that has ended up translating into numbers that speak for themselves.

It took eight months for Instagram Stories to exceed Snapchat’s daily users , managing to reach 200 million daily users (more than what Snapchat currently has) after this period. Over the years, the growth was exponential, achieving double daily users in 2018 , and maintaining considerable increases in 2019.

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As per reports, Instagram Stories has more than 500 million daily users, a figure that far exceeds the 190 million daily users that Snapchat has. Also, the own stories of Facebook and Facebook Messenger agglutinate another 500 million users, like those of WhatsApp.

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In total, Facebook has achieved 1.5 billion daily users by copying a Snapchat feature. The app continues to grow, but at a rate well below that of Facebook services. Specifically, Snapchat globally grew by 2% last year (from 186 million users to the 190 previously discussed), a rate well below its “rivals.”

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Snapchat is at the service of Facebook, something he never wanted

Taking a look at the numbers is necessary to understand that Snapchat’s user base is much smaller than that of Facebook’s services, and that the service’s popularity can hardly rival an unstoppable Instagram, which is postulated as the main social network to share photographs and moments among young people. However, ironically, the Facebook data also helps us to look in one direction, Snapchat is more popular outside than within the application.

In the end Facebook has managed to buy Snapchat, although indirectly: through its users. César Muela, Editorial Coordinator of Webedia.

Facebook has not managed to buy Snapchat with money, but it has not been necessary either. Over the past few days, we have been able to see different celebrities using the new Snapchat filters … on Instagram.

The news about the new Snapchat filters, which allow us to become virtually babies or people of the opposite gender, began to run like wildfire, but almost all of them had a common factor: filters become popular when they leave Snapchat and begin to show in other social networks.

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Far from becoming a genuine feature of Snapchat, its new filters end up becoming “part” of its rival applications, leaving the work done to Facebook applications.

Snapchat is doing a great job with its filters, and its popularity is the test. The problem is that these filters only become popular when they leave Snapchat

Although Snapchat has not wanted to be at the service of Facebook, it is, allowing its users to enjoy these new filters on their social networks , as they end up using the Snapchat application as an external photo editor.

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