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Student Forced to Change Her Outfit Before the Exam

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Aakash Molpariya
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A young girl was asked to change as her attire was deemed inappropriate, preventing her from attending the baccalaureate specialized tests.

A school principal’s retaliation in Saint-Omer, France, has sparked an uproar. Noémie had to change her attire soon before her final exam since he thought her outfit was indecent.

In the French city of Saint-Omer, a dress ban caused a stir. According to the newspaper “la voix du nord,” a girl was forced to change her clothes in order to take the Abitur exam on Wednesday. The reason for this was that the apparel worn by Noémie, a student, was deemed indecent.

The student was asked to do this half an hour before the start of the exam. In one photo, the student can be seen with black hot pants and torn fishnet stockings. “Did the headmaster really have the right to ask her to change?” the newspaper asks. 

Who decides what clothes are okay?

Several readers are said to have reacted to the case and are outraged. At the same time, many people wonder who has the final say when it comes to dress code at school. However, the answer is not that simple. There is no legal text that deals with this question, writes “la voix du monde”.

The only thing forbidden is demonstratively showing one’s religious affiliation. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the respective headmaster to draw up their own house rules together with the members of the school community. However, the house rules must not restrict the personal freedoms of the students. In France, for example, wearing short T-shirts and miniskirts cannot be banned in principle. 

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