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A stuttering child becomes the star of Joe Biden’s nomination

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Amit Kumar
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The Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States acknowledges that he suffered from this problem in his youth and that even today, it still appears when he is tired

Brayden Harrington is only 13 years old. But, despite his young age, he has become one of the big stars of the Democratic National Convention that has nominated Joe Biden as a candidate for the White HouseThis teen is a stutterer, but he’s getting over it thanks to Biden, as he suffered from this problem in his youth too.

The two met in New Hampshire a few months ago. Brayden Harrington has acknowledged that “without Joe Biden I wouldn’t be talking to you today. He told me that we are members of the same club: we stutter.” Something that not all the followers of the candidate for president of the United States knew and that has served to get to know him a little more.

The young Democratic supporter explained how the presidential candidate helped him: “He told me about a book of poems by Yeats that he’d read out loud to practice. He showed me how he marks his addresses to make them easier to say out loud.” And the boy, even though he stuttered a few times during his speech, used the same technique.


Brayden Harrington then showed the pages he was using during his speech, in which it was seen how he had used the same tactic as Joe Biden: mark the most important words so that it would be easier for him to read. And for two minutes he addressed the thousands of people who followed his speech on television, having to interrupt him on a few occasions.

Biden’s example is pivotal for this 13-year-old: “It was really amazing to hear that someone like me became vice president.” For this reason, he used part of his speech to talk about the future and the confidence that the words of the candidate for the White House gave him and that has allowed him to face his problem in a different way.

Joe Biden has made no secret of this problem in the past and has talked about it openly. As the BBC reports, in a ceremony last February he acknowledged that “I still stutter sometimes when I’m very tired.” He acknowledges that “part of that is confidence. I should think about not rushing.” Thus he has managed to become an official candidate for the presidency of the United States.

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