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The fat monkey was sent to a special weight loss camp

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A three-year-old male macaque named Godzilla lived in a market in Bangkok and was considered the most obese monkey in Thailand.

In Thailand, a male macaque named Godzilla, who weighs 20 kg, was sent to a special “fat camp” for monkeys. 

It is noted that Godzilla is three years old and from an early age, he has lived in a market in Bangkok. 

The previous owners abandoned him and the new owner of the stall named Manop Emsan began to look after the animal. 

The woman treated Godzilla well, but could not control his weight. 

The monkey is used to picking up junk food and receiving treats from passers-by. Because of this, he quickly gained 8-10 kg extra weight. 

Manop began to worry about the health of the monkey and sent the primate to a special institution for monkeys. 

Manop lamented that: “Godzilla is like a son to me. He’s part of the family.

“He won’t eat if he’s not with us, he becomes moody and sad. I’m worried he won’t survive.”

Forestry chief, Navee Changpirom said: “The monkey was handed over to the National Park team to take care of him and prevent him from gaining more weight.

There, Godzilla eats healthy food on a schedule, does gymnastics, and getting ready to return to the wild, as keeping macaques as pets is illegal.

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