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The fun list that Instagram has about your tastes and how to find it

The network has been laughing for hours about Instagram's mistakes when assigning likes. Have you been successful with you?

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Jiya Saini
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It is well known that there are algorithms that study and analyze our online activity to propose personalized ads, but the results are often so ridiculous that they are worth sharing. This shows us that we are well away from a machine that can really know us.

The curious game has jumped on Twitter and consists of showing a fairly hidden feature of Instagram that shows what the social network thinks we appreciate.

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Looking for the hashtag #InstagramAds there are innumerable tweets with lists of words, objects, celebrities and other elements apparently without a connection between them. It refers to the interests of a particular user in accordance with the internal algorithm of Instagram that studies the comments and interactions.

Basically, Instagram uses this analysis system that is based on everything we do in the application to propose ads and sponsored publications that should be consistent with our interests. For being consistent with his speech of transparency, the application shows the list of these keywords within the configuration page of the mobile application. However, it seems that the results are not so close to the real preferences. On the contrary, the lists are often hilarious and ridiculous.

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How can I see my interests (according to Instagram)?

Get ready for some laughs and go to your Instagram profile. According to open, touch the person’s icon to see your profile. By clicking on the top right, on the three lines, you can select the “configuration” menu. Once there, follow this sequence:

Security> Access data> Interests for ads, see everything (it’s bottom)

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There are your preferences and the keywords on which Instagram shows you ads. Have they been right with you? Not with many users …

Thanks to this social game, many users have had the opportunity to discover the interesting section «Data and History», which is a summary of all the activity from the moment of registration until today with changes of password or email, unanswered requests, blocked accounts, search histories and a whole series of juicy and personal information that is not bad to check and erase from time to time.

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