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The story of the New York paramedic who made up her salary as an erotic model causes outrage

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Jiya Saini
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A New York Post article about a New York paramedic who created an account on the erotic video portal OnlyFans for a living generated the anger of users and is that the medium violated the privacy of the young woman who wanted to remain anonymous.

As revealed by Lauren Caitlyn Kwei in an emotional letter to the Independent, the tabloid reporters made public her name, age, workplace and even her height and weight, as well as the content of her page on OnlyFans, where she sold erotic photos and videos to make ends meet. 

Kwei stressed that the outlet also criticized her and embarrassed her for doing what she does.

“They quoted an anonymous New York Fire Department veteran as saying, ‘Other EMTs and paramedics make more money by pulling extra shifts, instead of pulling off their clothes.'”

However, the young woman did not give up and took the opportunity to talk about the things that “most meaningful to her.” Kwei said he “held the hands of dying people” and went through many sad and dramatic moments during the height of the pandemic. 

“At the end of each day, I would come home to an empty apartment where I cried about the state of our world while disinfecting my equipment,” she revealed.

The young woman added that she has seen people work 16 hours in a row and an additional eight hours “out of necessity.”

She stressed that New York emergency services workers are among “the lowest paid in the city. How I earn my money to help those in need is nobody’s business but mine, and certainly no patient has ever asked me if I’m on OnlyFans.”

Surge of outrage 

The scandalous publication of the New York Post generated a barrage of criticism on the networks. Thousands of users, including Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sided with the paramedic.

Leave her alone. The actual scandalous headline here is “Medics in the United States need two jobs to survive”.


This woman is risking her life to care for sick strangers during a pandemic.”

“Imagine trying to publicly shame someone for having a side hustle in 2020.”

You are truly terrible people.”

And do you think? Should the New York Post apologize to the paramedic for violating her privacy?

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