Twitter launches a filter to hide direct offensive and spam messages

Twitter launches a filter to hide direct offensive and spam messages

In recent months, Twitter has been working and implementing important changes to improve the user experience in different aspects: giving prominence to the listshiding responses to tweets or even offering the possibility to customize the appearance through themes.

A few hours ago we knew that, after a period of testing, the social network has decided to implement a filter for direct messages that will be responsible for hiding those messages that are considered spam.

They will appear in “Message Requests”

This filter has been implemented in both mobile applications (iOS and Android) and in the web version. As we can see in the GIF published by Twitter, from now on we will see a section in which the message requests will appear.

It makes a lot of sense, since so far these types of messages appeared mixed with the private messages we had with other users (which we know and with whom we do want to talk).

Those of us who have an open inbox and accept messages from people we don’t follow know that they have been months full of spam, with direct messages that were sent massively to user groups.

We have checked it with our account and “Message requests” already appears at the top of private messages (both in the web version and in mobile applications). As we said, this functionality will be appreciated by those users who have activated the option to receive “messages from anyone” and not have to be browsing between spam.