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Two fishermen find a rare orange pearl worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

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Jiya Saini
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Imagine that when you walk along a coast you come up with something that at first glance doesn’t seem like much, but in the end it’s very valuable. It’s pure chance, but it changes your life completely. This was the case for two Thai fishermen who could take their entire family out of poverty thanks to this finding.

During a walk on the beach in Nakhon Si Thammarat province in the Gulf of Thailand on January 27, Hatchai Niyomdecha, 37, and his brother Worachat Niyomdecha, 35, stumbled upon an abandoned buoy surrounded by several shells of snails.

At first, the fishermen wanted to eat them, but fortunately, when cleaning them, they discovered something more expensive. And after consulting with their neighbors in the area, they learned that it is a rare orange or tangerine pearl that supposedly could cost more than $ 300,000.

It is a Melo pearl that comes from Melo Melo snails. These large gastropods, native to Asian waters, produce these gems naturally.

Typically pearls of this type are about the size of a dime and weigh about 7.68 grams. Its color can vary from brown to orange.

Several entrepreneurs have expressed their desire to buy this jewel, but it seems that the lucky ones are not in a hurry, as they want to sell it at the highest possible price.

Days after the discovery, a businessman from another province, who found out about this treasure, offered them $ 33,200 for this object. The second interested party wanted to buy it for $ 166,000. But the family rejected both offers. 

“I want to sell the pearl at the highest price. The money will not only change my life, it will change my destiny. My whole family will have a better life”

 explained Hatchai Niyomdecha, as quoted by Daily Mail.

Now the fisherman is negotiating with a Chinese entrepreneur who offered $ 332,000 for the jewel, an amount he is willing to pay after examining the pearl in person at the end of February.

Niyomdecha explained that he had previously dreamed of a pearl. 

“An old man dressed in white with a long mustache told me to come to the beach to receive a gift. I think that led me to locate her,” he confessed.

Typically pearls of this type are about the size of a dime and weigh about 7.68 grams. Its color can vary from brown to orange.

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