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The viral puzzle that sweeps Facebook: find the person with eyes closed

Although, apparently, it is not as complicated as other visual challenges of recent times, the truth is that there are many who do not find the solution

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The viral challenges get increasingly more often to us as a result of the increasing use of various social networks. In addition, during the confinement caused by the pandemic, internet connections skyrocketed and many sought entertainment to support the long hours of lock-up at home.

Of all these challenges, the last one that has gone viral in the last few hours is the one that asks us to find the only person in a photo who has its eyes closed. It is an illustration in which men and women of many races appear, but only one of them has their eyes closed. Will you be able to find it?

Although the challenge is not as complicated as that of the snow leopard that was camouflaged on a snowy mountain, the truth is that many internet users have not been able to find the only person who has their eyes closed in that illustration. To help them, we make a spoiler: at the end of this news, they will find the solution.

To make things a little more difficult, the challenge is to find the solution … but with limited time. Therefore, we challenge you to reset the stopwatch, prepare yourself and place a 10-second countdown on your mobile. That will be the time you will have to discover the solution to the challenge. Now, the spoiler comes: you are going to see the photo with the solution.

Yes, it was on the left side of the image. Although surely the vast majority of people have not found it very difficult, there will also be those who have not been able to find the solution. Perhaps they can practice for the future by trying to solve other challenges that went viral months ago.

On the left, with a circle in red, the solution (Photo Facebook)
On the left, with a circle in red, the solution (Photo Facebook)

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